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TandemSpring is NOT that kind of consulting firm.
It is a process of authentic engagement with others in doing good business.


TandemSpring was founded because we were looking for ways to have more meaningful impact when working with others. To do this we had to get above the corporate “rules of the game” that are designed solely for the benefit of those already at the top, and not necessarily those with the most vision or passion. With the understanding that everyone has valuable strengths and talents, they wanted to truly partner with people across all levels of the organization in a way that simultaneously benefited the individual, the community, and the business. Business designed well, non-profit or for profit, can have tremendous impact well beyond the bottom line.
TandemSpring, is about staying true to one’s sense of purpose, leveraging strengths-based approaches, and designing sustainable systems that leverage the talents of the individual and organization. Partnering with good people doing good business is just good for everyone.

Deep Thoughts

Critical Not Social Justice for Domestic Violence In America

September 16, 2014

America is truly conflicted on the issue of domestic violence (and, of course, on many other issues, as well). While the confusion and conflict is normal when struggling with an
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“We Want More, We Want More…”

January 23, 2014

The way that we are creating inclusive models of leadership and integrating non-white males into real positions of power and leadership in our society is just not working. I would
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Spring Forward with TandemSpring

January 17, 2014

What inspired you to get into the business you are in today? All people can be successful authentic leaders by leveraging their strengths and talents. Sadly, many emerging leaders are
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Tomer is a true professional, always looking to help others and to share best practices. Tomer is one of the people that I will often think of turning to when I need a real solution to a problem. Tomer is articulate, well mannered, and possesses a humorous nature which makes him a pleasure to work with.

Justin BaileyEMEA Sales DirectorNuance Communications