About TandemSpring

As a business grows and develops, it is inevitable that change must occur. Typically, this change comes from a strategic vision, usually created by a leader or board, and is the enacted and put into operation by the team. However, more often that we usually care to admit, this does not occur as efficiently and as seamlessly as we’d like or expect.

This occurs because there exists some form of disconnect between the team, its members, the leadership, and the vision itself. Perhaps all parties are disjointed, perhaps just one. But, when it happens, we usually find ourselves opting for deficit-oriented language (i.e. “this plan sucks”, “he doesn’t know what he’s doing”, “she’s too junior”, “I don’t like them”, etc.). If this narrative becomes too strong or pervasive, it can not only significantly disrupt the attempt to achieve the vision, it can bring down the entire team.

At TandemSpring, we approach these challenges through a strength-based lens allowing each individual to identify, embrace, and operate in their unique abilities that they bring to the table. That said, each person will have different abilities, and it is often these differences that underlie the conflict at hand. If, however, we can orient our perspectives toward accepting others as simply being different and through the lens of strengths, the narrative shifts to a more inclusive and effective operating style. This isn’t just Kumbaya, this is the work of humanity so that we can drive business efficiency and operational development to a better place.


At TandemSpring, we believe leveraging authentic strengths is the key to creating next level leadership. We’ve developed a process to identify those strengths. The trick is to recognize that success is not linear, it’s cyclical—which is why our process functions in the same way.

Each cycle will work through three key steps, together aimed at aligning you, or your team’s, strengths and talents with vision for maximum leadership impact.

Our Transformative Beliefs

The freaks will inherit the earth.

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Leadership exists to inspire others beyond their own limitations. Until you have done so, you have not truly led.

Authentic leaders are led by their collective impact, not their ego.

The path to radical transformation is paved with simple truths.



Two people that work together to achieve a result.



To move quickly and suddenly to a new condition, to cause something to happen rapidly.



How you get to your next level.

Monika Black, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

Monika Black, MA, MHA, PHD is a certified coach, experienced consultant, and dynamic leader who brings an intense passion and authenticity to her work, and does so in a proactive way that encourages and inspires others to engage as authentic leaders in their own work.

Monika’s passion projects include elevating the next generation of women leaders and empowering women to engage in finance.

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Tomer Yogev

Co-Founder & Chief Synergist

Tomer Yogev, MBA is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and technologist who has started and exited multiple companies. His friendly, frank, and laid-back approach inspires honest dialogue, collaboration, and the motivation to step out of comfort zones and onto new paths to success.

Tomer’s passion projects include coaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and promoting corporate innovation.

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