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We offer 6 areas of coaching and workshop services aimed toward taking you, and your team, through the Strengths, Strategy and Action cycle for unlocking your leadership impact and driving towards strengths-driven performance. We recommend everyone begin with Strengths as a New Foundation, Team Development + Consensus Building, and our Executive Coaching to Begin. Download the full catalog to learn more.

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Illuminate strengths, align purpose with impact, and optimize individual and team strengths. Change the way you think and perform.

Executive + Team Development:

  • Strengths identification workshops for teams
  • Individual coaching sessions for emerging and executive leaders
  • Multicultural dialogue training for organizations
  • Strengths-based conflict resolution


  • 360° Assessments
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder®


Forge novel ways to leverage all of your team’s passions and strengths to drive business forward and achieve business results.

Consensus Building + Strategic Planning:

  • Innovation Coaching for Startup Leaders
  • Corporate Innovation Executive Coaching
  • Adobe™ Kickbox Innovation Workshops
  • Strengths-based “From Innovation To Scale” team coaching


  • Clifton StrengthsFinder®
  • Freshwater Advisors LACE Innovation Assessment™


Are you a leader looking to get to the next level?  At TandemSpring we believe that leadership exists to inspire others beyond their own limitations, and to the fullest of their capacity. Building upon our strengths-based coaching model, and leveraging years of management experience, we help individuals, teams, and leaders to transform organizational issues into opportunities.

Leadership Coaching + Innovation:

  • Strategy and management consulting
  • Leadership Coaching + Innovation
  • Strategic workplan development

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What Others Have to Say About Us

TandemSpring was instrumental in helping us to drive innovation while honing our model. Tomer helped us to leverage our strengths and turn them into a consensus based strategic planning process that, in turn, has made my organization run better, with clearer direction, and with greater joy and synergy across the team.

Phyllis LockettCEOLEAP Innovations