Your Success, On Your Terms. For All the Right Reasons.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.Anne Sweeney

Everyone in life is a free agent. You are a leader who can sell your strengths and services to or within an organization. With technology and other tools you can choose to be on-site or off site to provide those services. The key is that you are in charge of your own personal leadership vision. You are accountable for your authentic presence as a leader. You set the rules of engagement that support your model of success. From your own personal vantage point, your day-to-day engagement with the world around you is less about climbing the ladder of the corporate mindset and more about how to walk in your own soul.

Leadership has less to do with how far up a corporate ladder you can climb, and more to do with how far you can walk in your own soul.TandemSpring

Shift Success to Your Terms

Defining your own sense of success is a journey and it requires a mental shift. Just consider the following tenets of the corporate mindset and ask yourself if those are the rules that align with your personal sense of leadership, values, and goals.

The path to radical transformation is paved with simple truths.TandemSpring

Corporate Mindset

On the Brighter Side of Leadership

Leadership is top down. Everyone is a leader and can lead from where they are.
There is little room at the top for leaders. There is plenty of room at the top for all leaders.
Good employees fit into the culture of the organizations. Good organizations build a culture that fits all of their leaders.
Employees are to toe the company line. Leaders are to challenge the status quo.
Employees are to fit into the corporate culture. Leaders are to bring their whole selves to work.
Fear and stress are good motivators for performance. Leading through strengths inspired everyone to higher levels of performance.
Conflict is a problem. Conflict is an opportunity.
Diversity is a burden. Diversity is a strength.

Cycles of Success to Becoming You

Many people feel that the journey to defining their own model of leadership requires that they to do more. In reality, it is quite the opposite. It requires you to stop doing more (of what everyone else wants) and to give more of yourself, and to yourself, in all that you do. Consider what you would stop doing because it does not fit your model of success. Ask yourself if what you are doing is because it is aligned with your vision or if it is because of what someone else expects of you. What would you be doing if your life was centered on your authentic presence as a leader?

True leadership is not about doing more, rather it is about bringing more of you to what you do.TandemSpring

To learn more about how to Unlock The Corporate Mindset and integrate your own model of success in all that you do, check out our book. Our accountability is not to your job or your promotion it is to YOU, as a leader with talents and strengths that can have a meaningful impact on the world around you! We can’t wait to see you on the Brighter Side of Leadership!