Change the Way You Understand Leadership


In this eBook, we break down the misconceptions of the corporate mindset by defining the terms and phrases we use and hear everyday, and show how different they are within this mindset and outside of it. The point is simple: that by making a shift in how you think about your work, your passions, and your strengths can radically change how you think about, and achieve, success. We call this “The Brighter Side of Leadership.”

What’s Included?
  • 17 Re-Defined Corporate Terms
    We define each term from the corporate mindset perspective, and again in the way it can be experienced from The Brighter Side of Leadership.

  • Inspirational Quotes
    We’ve peppered in some inspirational quotes to get you excited. Some are ours, some are from others (one is even anonymous).

  • Tips to Get You on the Brighter Side
    Each term is paired with an actionable step to help you start along the path to the brighter side.

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